Integrated Report

For the Sustainability of "People", "Company" and "Society"

Our company was founded in 1890 and celebrates its 130th anniversary in October 2021.
We have been engaged in the sale of water supply materials since our establishment.
The history of our company is also the history of the waterworks business.

After becoming president, I made it my mission and the company's mission to "help our customers live a comfortable and healthy life.
I also believe that, as an extension of this mission, it is necessary to consider contributing to society as well.

We will continue to make tangible efforts toward "sustainability for people, companies, and society" based on this philosophy.

1) Sustainability of "People"
We will work on activities aimed at extending healthy life expectancy as part of people" sustainability.
  Health - Health management, Diet, and Exercise
  Exercise - Physical exercise management, Physique, Technique, and Spirit
  Medical care - Preventive medicine, Medical checkups, Diagnosis, and Treatment
In addition, we will provide a system to nurture athletes focusing on tennis and golf. (We aim to be the number one in Japan)

(2) Sustainability of "Company"
We will continue to implement the three full activities, future activities, and evolutionary activities in the spirit of "honesty, kindness, enthusiasm, and gratitude" based on the principle of putting our business partners first (Best Partner).
  CS - Customer first, Partner thinking, and Four parties, single team (Best Partner)
  Growth - Existing customers, Suppliers, and New customers (annual growth of 5% or more)
  Evolution - Sales, Operations, and Logistics ( productivity improvement of 5% or more)

(3) Sustainability of "Society"
We will continue to work on our own H-SDG activities" based on ESG as the sustainability of "Society".
  H (Health) - Aiming to be a healthy company
  S (Society) - Challenge to the prime market
  D (Digital) -Company-wide and industry DX initiatives
  G (Green) - Challenge to achieve a zero-carbon society



SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and H-SDG


[H]Health: Aiming to be a healthy company

(1) Health - various initiatives aimed at becoming a healthy company, gold certification in health
(2) Medical care - support for medical institutions
(3) Sports - CSR activities and training activities focusing on tennis and golf



Healthobtaining "gold certification", health care, diet, exercise
Medical careonline medical care, vaccination in the workplace (Mirai Clinic)
SportsTennisTennis team (adult league) and individual (contracted players) both aiming for championship
GolfEducation of golf juniors, strengthening their development, and helping them pass the professional test


[S]Society: Challenge to the prime market

(1) Social contribution - Joint projects with TTC and Okinawa Tennis Association
(2) Industry-academia collaboration - Conduct joint research with universities
(3) Market selection - Social responsibility to each stakeholder → To the prime market



Industry-academia collaborationShiga University and Asahi UniversityConducting joint research using data on health, medicine, and sports
Social contributionTTC
(Yoshida Memorial Tennis Training Center) joint project to promote "healthy lifestyle through tennis"
Implementation of various events
Okinawa Tennis Associationjoint projects and events for the purpose of "strengthening junior development"
Market Selectionstock marketSocial responsibility as a listed company → to prime market selection


[D]Digital - Initiatives for DX

(1) In-house DX: Improve productivity and promote efficiency
(2) System linkage - Strengthen linkage with business partners through OPS and HOPE
(3) Industry platform - to Mirai Cloud



Outside work SFA, smart phoneOPSsmart phone, service expansion
Inside work DW, call centerHOPEmainstream implementation, system integration
Purchasingdata exchange, cashlesssystem integrationMirai Cloud, RPA
Logisticsbarcode, paperlesseducatione-learning expansion, utilization of Shinonome


[G]Green - Challenge to achieve carbon neutrality.

(1) Renewable energy use (company-wide RE100)
(2) Carbon zero (ZEB, ZEH compliance)
(3) Development of green activities



(1) Company-wide deployment of the RPA model (Model-T)
(2) Utilization of wheeling (new electric power) Company-wide RE100
(3) Expansion to business partners
(4) V2H EV utilization
(5) BCP measures